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Clientele started off as a stay-at-home mom’s hobby, designing my nieces’ parties, organizing small get-togethers for my relatives’ celebrations and hosting events for charity organizations. I really did not think of events management as work but more of an expression of my passion for making someone else’s special day my special day too. I never really did market myself but I underestimated the word-of-mouth of my family and friends. Soon people I don’t even know got hold of my number and started requesting quotes for their daughter’s debut. Parents were asking me if I can make a Justice League themed party. Brides-to-be were ordering custom-made invitations. We held meetings in random locations, my production sets were made at our living room and my team was made up of close friends who were willing to help. The hobby turned into something more than I can handle, so it was time for me, for my hobby to go to the next level and to grow up. I set up an office in Angeles, I hired my first team member, I registered as a business and the rest is history. From weddings, children’s parties to corporate team buildings, Clientele has established itself to be one of the standards in event management. Clientele is raising the bar with its services. Taking inspiration from international trends, Clientele offers never before seen features that will make your event a truly memorable one not just for you but also for your guests. What’s even better is that Clientele only selects from the best vendors and suppliers in the market, this means you get the same quality for maximum savings. Flexible, affordable and memorable, this is what made Clientele one of the leaders in event management. But the same passion has never changed. Every centerpiece we design, every flower we arrange, every lettering we write, every invitation we sent, is made with the goal to make our clients delighted. For your Event Management needs, look no further than Clientele. Make your event dreams come true only with Clientele..


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a wide-range of events from corporate meetings,
presentations and ceremonies